I Need a Hobby

Three recent college grads working the 9-5 and trying to make the most of the 5-9. Each week Alex, Chris, and Andrew pick a new hobby, challenge, or activity and tell you about it. New episode every Wednesday.
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I Need a Hobby


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Nov 23, 2016

We are thankful for a new episode of I Need a Hobby every Wednesday! This week we chatted about the best and worst parts of Thanksgiving and whether or not Chris can make Cranberry sauce, well done! Also the fans question whether attending a neighbor's yard sale is the right move, Andrew is thankful for remote controls, Chris is thankful for no longer using AIM, Alex is thankful Thanksgiving isn't celebrated with Italian Food.

Nov 16, 2016

This week we tried to break into some of the worlds most secure locks: a combination Masterlock and a practice padlock. This hobby was so frustrating we had to listen to Episode 16: Wine Tasting again just to calm ourselves down. Also, we debate whether flying is better than driving (for a while),  Alex wonders how many eggs we've eaten in our lives, Chris wants to make disposable suits, and Andrew is debates the which is the healthiest of the sodas.


Nov 9, 2016

Tired of hearing about the election?  Sounds like you need a hobby!  This week we went wine tasting.  Look, smell, taste, and spit out this episode because its finer than a Pinot Noir!  Also, Alex is perplexed by tap dancing, Andrew wants to do a spelling bee, and Chris is a fan of Cubs trivia.

Nov 2, 2016

Game 7, tonight! Perfect time to release an episode where we talk about famous tales in the world of Major League Baseball. Will Steve Bartman come walk onto Wrigley field with a goat if the Cubs win the World Series? Find out here! Also, Chris keeps forgetting to Vas, Andrew doesn't understand busses and railroads, and Alex wonders which body parts are the best to compliment.