I Need a Hobby

Three recent college grads working the 9-5 and trying to make the most of the 5-9. Each week Alex, Chris, and Andrew pick a new hobby, challenge, or activity and tell you about it. New episode every Wednesday.
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I Need a Hobby


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Mar 29, 2017

Only 90s kids will get this episode, because we talk about all the hit shows from the 90s!  Well, more specifically the early 00s.  Looking for your favorite podcasters' opinions on hit shows like Spongebob, Cow and Chicken and Pelswick (yes, we said Pelswick) well look no further!  Also, Alex creates a road race business around popular marathons, Chris has concerns with his general practitioner, and Andrew has a change of heart. 

Mar 22, 2017

If this is your first time hearing this you are about to experience Alex losing his mind. This is a podcast for all the Kanye fans (and Stans) out there. When you're done with the episode the next time you hear a Kanye song you can't help but think no one else in the room knows the full story.

Mar 13, 2017

Early episode this week so you guys have time to make your brackets!  Follow guest host Billy's advice and see how your bracket does against ours. 

Follow the link to sign up for the bracket challenge.  Winner gets a prize from the hosts!

Mar 8, 2017

In the year 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane and were the first humans to take to the sky.  In the year 2017, the I Need A Hobby crew talks about in-flight movies, delayed flights, and their go-to on flight drink orders in this episode on our Air Travel. Whether your preparing for a trip, looking to block out the screaming child next to you, or just want to imagine the wonders of flight, this is a must listen. Also Andrew skips half-time interview, Chris talks money on the wall, and Alex is still questioning and/or scared of the killer clowns.

Mar 1, 2017

Tune in to to hear us talk about bowling!  Candle pin?  Duck pin?  Bowling For Soup?  You name it, we talked about it!  This is a real turkey of an episode so don't miss it!  Also, Chris discusses athletic strategy, Andrew ponders infomercials, and Alex changes the grocery industry as we know it.